- Ministerial Tracking System
- Records
- Document Management (Affordable)
Records / Document Management
- Booking / Scheduling
- Complaints
Resource Management
- Task
- Property
- Risk
General Office Productivity
- Templates
- Manual Manager
- Charting
- Travel Proposals and Approvals
- Rostering
- Complaints
- Booking / Scheduling
- Templates
- Strategic Management
- Financial Reporting
- Client Management
* Intranet & Internet solutions

* Client/Server based solutions

* Packages as outlined on the left

* Tailoring of our packages

* Templates and Add-ins for Word, Excel, Power Point, Project and Visio

* System Interfacing and Data Warehousing

* Web Site Design
Our friendly and enthuisiastic team provide dependable, affordable and smart software to meet your specific needs
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Welcome To Our Website
Hillcrest Computer Services is a West Australian owned and run company with a dedicated, dependable team of highly qualified and expert contractors and consultants who have been delivering high quality systems for the past 15 years.

We specialise in the development of custom applications and packaged solutions for the Government and Charity markets using Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET, ASP Classic, VB.NET, VB6 and VBA.

Our Aim is to help our clients attain their business goals and improve their productivity, and do this in a helpful, affordable and no nonsense approach.
Customised Development
Hillcrest Computer Services