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We offer a range of services. We specialise in the development of custom applications and packaged solutions for the Government and Charity markets using Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET, ASP Classic, VB.NET, VB6 and VBA.

Areas of our expertise include:
Intranet & Internet solutions
Design and development of client/ server applications using VB.Net and Visual Basic
Client/Server based solutions
Tailoring of our packages
Templates and Add-ins
Web Site Design
System Interfacing and Data Warehousing
Design and development of web based solutions for organisation's intranet or internet applications
Customising our existing packages to create a new solution to meet your exact requirements
Design and development of Custom Microsoft Office Add-ins and Templates for Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook, Project and Visio
Design and development of data extraction interfaces from external sources (such as OSS) for processing and reporting
Design and development of Web Sites to meet your specific requirements
• Client and Contact Management
• Financial reporting
• Strategic and Operational Planning
• Asset Management
• Grant Management
• Staff Rostering