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Records / Document Management

Document Management

What is this?
Document Manager is one of a suite of software products that are targeted at improving business management practices, improving access to corporate information (underpinning better decision making) and ultimately supporting public sector accountability.

Document Manager is an 'easy to use' business solution for creating, saving, storing and retrieving electronic corporate documents. Document Manager accommodates a wide range of document formats including (but not limited to) the full suite of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Visio, PDF, WMV, JPEG and TIF.

Document Manager handles the full cycle of document management (from creation to archiving) as well as easy integration with corporate databases and task management. Document Manager is the end result of optimising and integrating a range of intelligent Microsoft (and network) functionality including:

* Document templates;
* A Document Manager toolbar to manage the document life cycle;
* Document profiles capturing metadata;
* System managed corporate standards for naming conventions and folder structures;
* Business focussed search and retrieval tools for a range of scenarios;
* Behind the scenes automation enabling users to manage security; and
* A structured approach to archiving, while ensuring old documents remain at your fingertips.

For small, medium and large organisations

Ministerials Manager

What is this?
The Ministerials Manager is an all in one software tool that aids the creation, management (and database administration) and workflow of Ministerials correspondence (indeed for any type of structured workflow related to any type of correspondence).

The Ministerials Manager software aids the process by:

* Providing a database to track incoming and outgoing ministerial correspondence - with all the key data fields required for the tracking/management process;

* Providing a streamlined “template” based tool for users to automatically create the shell of responses to Ministerial correspondence in professional documents based on the defined "action required".

* Providing a workflow solution for routing draft responses through the relevant management cycle - using dates and organisational units referenced in the system;

* Providing comprehensive search and retrieval tools with exporting to Word for associated business requirements;

* Providing a statistical reporting tool for reporting and graphing overdue responses;

* Providing integration with our suite of software products including Document Manager (where document links are automatically linked in the Ministerials Manager), Records Manager and Task Manager (Tasks/workflows are automatically linked); and
* 100% HTML Viewer (i.e. does not require Plug-ins or Add–ons).

The solution is web based and uses a standard Microsoft software platform (.Net2/SQL).

For small, medium and large organisations

Records Management

What is this?
The Records Manager is one of a suite of office software packages to aid productivity and information management within organisations.

The Records Manager can be used as a stand alone product or as part of an integrated software solution with existing corporate databases or, for sophisticated and complete integration, with one of the suite of our companion products.

The base functionality of the Records Manager includes:

* Manage details related to agency files (i.e. hard copy files used to store hard copy documents) - including security, history, file plan etc;
* Manage details related to documents stored on (attached to files) - electronic and hard copy documents
* Create and administer/manage structured file plan;
* View electronic documents;
* Manage Tasks such as on-line new file requests, file transfer and file bring-ups; and
* Integrates with Task Manager to provide both simple and sophisticated (e.g. using templates) on line routing of electronic documents.
* Generation of bar coded file labels; and
* A host of other records management utilities

For small, medium and large organisations
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