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General Office Productivity


What is this?
Chart Manager allows you to add standard and user customisable graphs and reports to any Sql Server based database application.

Any organisation with a need to provide users with powerful and flexible charting solutions.

Manual Manager

What is this?
The Manual Manager is an all in one software package that aids the development, management (and administration), deployment and user access to a range of corporate business documents including for example Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.

The Manual Manager aids the
development of documentation by:

* Providing a streamlined “template” based tool for users to create documents that can be converted into intelligent web based documents;

* Use common Microsoft Word functions to generate documents; and

* Provides an environment where historical information/documents are easily accessible.

The Manual Manager aids
management and administration of documentation by:

* Putting the power of document creation in the hands of the line manager (and support staff) responsible for oversighting implementation of the document;

* Attaching review dates to individual documents to ensure that currency and credibility is maintained; ? Fully Integrated Security modules to protect integrity of manual entries

* Providing an approval process before documents are published;

* Attaching “workflow” to individual documents to ensure that reminders are provided to those officers responsible for managing document reviews; and

* Provides for Multiple Manuals in a single system.

The Manual Manager aids
deployment of documentation by:

* Putting the power of document publication in the hands of the line manager (and support staff) responsible for oversighting implementation of the document;

* Empowers the line manager (or their delegate) to be responsive to urgent changes (without the need to engage third parties who may not have the same motivation to address policy and or procedure issues); and

* 100% HTML Viewer (i.e. does not require Plug-ins or Add–ons)

The Manual Manager aids
user access to documentation by:

* Making documentation available in a common web based environment;

* Providing powerful search and retrieval techniques to access documentation (including a “What’s New” function); and

* Automatic detection of “Dead Links” to external sources.


What is this?
Templates enable documents to be generated and managed in a consistant and organised approach using a standard format for the Microsoft Word and Excel
environments via Add-ins.

How do they work?
* A template menu icon is added to the toolbar / ribbon;

* The menu displays the available templates;

* Each template will display a dialog box prompting the entry of information, which can be defined either as required or optional;

* Pressing Ok will then generate a document based on the template and information entered;

* To change the document the dialog box is again displayed;

* The template can be changed and documents based on older versions of the template are still supported;

* Information can also be collected to be used for searching in a document management system

Microsoft environment
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