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People Management

Booking Manager

What is this?
Booking Manager is a very popular general purpose booking tool that is used in a wide variety of organsiations throughtout Western Australia.

It can be used to book anything and any combination. It is most commonly used to book:
* Cars
* People
* Equipment
* Functions and Facilities
* Park Locations and Facilities
* Rooms

For all organisations

Complaints Manager

What is this?
While there are many software solutions currently on the market, almost all of these solutions are targeted at the retail market and, in the main, do not address the public sector environment.

Our Complaints Manager is a cost effective software solution that is targeted at meeting public sector requirements.

The solution that has been developed is a web based one that uses Microsoft standard software (DOTnet2/SQL), is secure and is consistent with the Australian Standard on Complaints Management.

In terms of functionality, the solution:

* Makes it easy to receive complaints - by facilitating web based access as well as provide the capacity for any staff member to receive complaints by telephone, at a reception point or through the mail;

* Encourages a culture that welcomes complaints as an opportunity to improve services - business improvement is a core component of the system;

* Is a strategic resource to manage the complaints process - enables complaints to be managed at the first point of contact as well as for escalation where appropriate;

* Ensures that agencies are responsive, both in terms of the initial acknowledgement and in terms of complaint resolution - by making it easy to action, monitor, remind, report etc (using built in templates that are pre populated with data from the database);

* Maintains a systematic record of complaints and outcomes to enable monitoring of progress and analysis of results;

* Categorisation of complaints - with appropriate help/guidance to assist staff in determining 'when a complaint becomes a complaint' and how it should be categorised;

* Customisation of a number of components (e.g. categories etc.);

* Provides for accountability through a wealth of flexible graphical and text based reporting.

Meets public sector requirements and is also suitable for private organisations


What is this?
The Rostering System is used
manage support workers in non government organisations delivering support services to clients. It allows bookings to clients or facilities and includes information about support workers including:

* Contact Details
* Availability
* Competancies
* Leave
* Training and Development

Travel Proposals and Approvals

What is this?
The Travel System manages all aspects of travel including:

* Proposals and approvals
* Travel advances and reconciliations
* Parliament and ATO reporting
* Mileage claims
* Export of travel costs to HR System

Government Organisations
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